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do & don'ts
CREDIT IS GOOD. Of course I appreciate that! But I don't kill people if they forget to credit me for some icon. So if you take like, an icon, credit me if you want, I'm not some credit stalker who will put you in my black list. But please credit me when you use headers, banners, profile banners etc. because you use them in your lj for a longer time.
DON'T CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. This is the one thing you have to do to be in my black list in like, less then the time Edward needs to run and bite you for death.(the fact that you may want that doesn't count) Believe me, I've seen everything over the past years, and I'm honestly tired of it because there is NO excuse. And I'm talking for each maker here. Besides, I can't even see the point: we can recognize our works, can't we?
DON'T ALTER &/0R REPOST MY GRAPHICS IN ANY WAY. You can't repost my graphics/picspams in any other site without asking - a simple solution: give a link to my journal instead! - add/remove text or anything else, cut graphics to use only some parts, and textless icons are not bases. This is for a simple reason, I'm sick and tired of seeing icons I never made from my blends show up everywhere! It's sad. Yeah, I'm a woman with experience, I know. Just ask me for any change you may need, I'll be glad to help you!
*you can resize headers if you need to. I'm not that paranoid, LoL. If you don't know how to do, of course feel free to ask me!*

NO HOTLINKING. Photobucket is scary. Please please upload to your own server. Thank you =)
THANKS! Sorry for being bitchy guys :D but I needed to make things clear. Just one more thing: a big thank you to everyone who visites my journal, posts lovely comments or simply takes a look following rules! You're all great :)
Feel free to friend me if you want, I usually add back =)

Heimweh aka Rose. 19 years old. Even if my nick derives from German, I'm 100% Italian.
Since a lot of you ask, it's a synonymous for nostalgia and literally stands for homesickness :) I just love the way it sounds.

Photoshop addicted. Making graphics, reading a good book and listening to music are usually the only things able to calm me down everytime I'm feeling blue.
Good books lover. Books are such an importan part of my life. I simply love reading and bless the genius who invented such tickets to handmade dreams. Anyone should read =)
Big music fan, because it always saves the day. Love my friends, they're what's worth living for.

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