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11 September 2010 @ 04:44 am
Katherine Fierce: a.k.a. as The Vampire Diaries returns  

I know you basically think I forgot how to tape on lj having a life sucks but I couldn't resist doing this. Even if it means one hour less sleep for me. I mean, the Vampire Diaries is back. I can trade one hour for that.

I still can't believe The Vampire Diaries is on again. This summer really went fast.
Have you guys seen the episode? What did you think about it? If the answer is no, stay away from here for now, because the entry got ~ spoilers.

-Katherine FTW. She may have been on screen for 17 minutes only in the first season - and almost the whole time she wasn't even physically there at the time - but she's my favorite female character on the show ever since her first appearence, and if you're asking yourself why, this episode is the answer, she owned it. The fact that after 22 hours I still couldn't care less about her doppelganger makes you think.
I know she's a psychic manipulative bitch, and she knows that too, but she's so deliciously evil you can't help but love her.

- So Jeremy is not a vampire. I wasn't really surprised (ok, I read the spoilers) but hey, the boy has no luck. Turns out he wants to die, or at least become a vampire, but heals miraculously instead? And it happens two times in the same episode? Believe uncle John when he says Gilberts are cursed, they just don't die from now on. Thank God Elena was adopted. Oh wait, she's still a Gilbert.

Speaking of uncle John, I still hate him with a passion for killing Anna and I'm not excited at the idea he'll inevitably come back, but I really felt for him when he thought it was Katherine at the hospital and had terror on his face, scared of her own daughter. I also appreciated that he gave the ring to Jeremy, it was only fair.
It was such a great episode, a lot of major turning events happened and yet, you can still appreciate even the tiniest of moments.
Back on Jeremy... Oh my. That scene was shocking. I didn't think about the possibility of the ring in that moment, so I thought he was turning. Do I agree with Stefan when he thinks Damon did? No. Maybe. Stefan loves Damon, no matter what, so he will not stop believing there's humanity in him, not for Katherine the world.
I think Damon was irreparably hurt and decided to act without thinking, as he did in the past 145 years... because it's the easiest thing, and he told so to Jeremy once again.
I'm sure Damon will explain himself, especially since we know he'll become a father figure for Jeremy and stay in the same car for hours with Elena, so I'm not judging until that.

- Damon, Damon. Poor bb broke my heart :( Two girls who look exactly the same - and he happens to be in love with both in two different ways - both rip his heart off with poetic, identical declarations of love... for the other brother. In the same hour. We don't blame you for being a little on edge.
And the most ridiculous thing is that I believe Katherine! We all know she has a terrific master plan that will leave us in utter shock, and she's toying with the Salvatore brothers to put them against each other so she can achieve said plan in less time, but she really thinks she loves Stefan (we knew that from 2x20). What kind of love a non-human being like her is still capable to feel, we'll have to witness.
As for girl number 2, I know 99% of the population hated Elena in this episode for pushing Damon away... but I didn't. It didn't seem right, and you know it. That's probably the first time I really felt sympathy towards her :O I know, I'm more shocked than you are. It was probably the moment, it was a pretty shocking moment, right?
And can I say Nina is amazing while playing Katherine? Only at the end of the episode I realized both above mentioned girls were played by the same actress. Kudos to her.

- Last in order of appearence: Caroline. OH MY GOD. I just knew she was going to become a vampire one day, but I didn't see it coming in the season premiere. When Katherine showed up in her room I had to change my mind, though. I'm really excited to see how her story will develop, because Caroline was born to be a vampire! I just hope it's not too soon and she won't end up killed like Vicky :(
She became one of my favorite characters during the season, but I already know this will greatly affect her relationship with Matt and other people, sigh. We'll see.
I especially can't wait to see how Bonnie will react to this. In more than a way, it was unknowingly her fault. Not only she was victim of an accident because of the device, but Bonnie's the one who agreed to let her take Damon's blood, certainly not feeling such big consequences. I'm curious to see how she'll deal with it.

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Andie: TVD - PAUL / IAN / NINAandie519 on September 11th, 2010 03:40 am (UTC)
Ooh! a TVD fangirl too ! YAY! I'm almost done with season 1 I am so excited! I heard it was amazing!!!

ps. I adore this mood theme, love that scene! :)
heimweh26heimweh26 on September 11th, 2010 12:35 pm (UTC)
I love the Vampire Diaries! I had so fun making that mood theme, thanks :)
⚡: Nina→fun.forgetregret009 on September 11th, 2010 04:36 am (UTC)
Ha I knew you'd be fangriling right about now!

Omg! That opening was made of epicness... I still can't get over Damon he broke my heart in almost every scene he was in... I'm still not entirely sure if Katherine was telling the truth when she said she only loved Stefan- part of me thinks she was lying just to get arise out of Damon. She totally kissed Damon back on that porch! But then again Katherine is so vindictive part of me believes she's incapable of ANY kind of love.

I also loved the scenes that Damon made things all awkward and weird when he tried to talk to Elena about the kiss on the porch... and Stefan's jealousy was so cute(even when he realized it wasn't Elena).

Katherine is certainly going to make things interesting for Damon and Stefan.... and YAY for Nina being able to portray downright evil so well!

Personally I'm really loving Elena this season she's so much stronger and seems to be slightly more independent! But then again she's been hanging around with vampires for a year now! I'm not sure who I want Elena to end up with... right now I really feel as though she's torn even though she'd never admit it to herself(and even though she 'hates' Damon part of her really believes he's good at heart)... right now I don't feel like she can love either of them properly.

Overall great season opener definitely looking forward to seeing what unfolds in Mystic Falls... Can we hope GLEE and Gossip Girl''s season openers will be as epic?

Edited at 2010-09-14 04:54 am (UTC)
Camila: Ian |cammiliitta on September 11th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
I really need TVD in my life RIGHT NOW!
hereinheaven: theres no other superstarhereinheaven on September 25th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)
I finally got round to watching this episode. The season certainly looks very exciting. Katheriine is so fierce. I'm excited to see where this goes. I'm inclined to actually believe her when she says she loved Sefan, for some reason... I don't know why! lol. I quite like Elena, I mean sure Damon is delicious but of course she told him no, even if she is 'torn' inside she's not going to cheat on her boyfriend with his brother... that would be extremely ooc and I would loose any respect I ever had for her, even if I do find Damn to be extremely sexy myself and think they have crazy chemistry. I give props to Nina though, she creates chemistry with both brothers and thats hard to have.

I was so shocked when Damon twisted Jeremys neck, I didn't even think about the ring I thought he was dead! lol.

Most of all though Caroline's story intrigues me the most - I can see her being a bad ass vamp!